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By October 2, 2012 SMART Boards

SMART Collaborative Classrooms is a series of tools and techniques to create a 21st century learning space that is supportive of several different types of classrooms, including blended classrooms, whole classes and small groups. The system is more rewarding than a traditional classroom for innovative schools that employ innovative teachers.The creators of the SMART Collaborative Classrooms want to enable a transforming learning experience through flexible classroom spaces that use multiple learning modes such as flipped classrooms (the act of watching lectures at home and doing the actual work in the classroom) and one-on-one learning, which they hope to make more collaborative between teacher and student, as well as more social.

Using a SMART Collaborative Classroom promotes learning that is more centered on the students and their abilities, rather than traditional teaching methods that do not always work for a student’s learning style. There is a full range of products and services available with the SMART Collaborative Classroom that helps to evolve the classroom into one that is based on today’s technology and will adapt easily to future technologies. Each SMART Collaborative Classroom includes several SMART Board 800 Series Interactive Whiteboards, a SMART Response Interactive Response System, a document camera, an audio system, the SMART Notebook and SMART Exchange softwares and a SMART Care Protection Plan to set up your new SMART classroom.

The equipment used in the SMART Collaborative Classroom is used for several methods of teaching. The system looks to engage all students in learning no matter what type of learner they are. It utilizes the SMART Notebook software and includes downloaded lessons that focus on skill development. Teachers and students can even be certified in the SMART Notebook software. The system also integrates with personal wireless devices that students can use for learning, such as tablets or laptops.

The system is much different from the traditional chalkboard classroom. It is collaborative and flexible so that it easily accommodates all students and their changing learning environments. It allows students to work together with their peers and teachers to make use of the work space.

Teachers and schools that are interested in setting up the SMART Collaborative Classroom can experience a working learning environment that uses the SMART Collaborative software in order to see how the system works. Educators can tour the classrooms, get a hands-on experience with the software and devices and even see the classrooms at work with actual students. You can contact Unified, your local SMART Education Solutions representative for NC, SC, and GA.


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  • Sounds like a great idea! If it helps everybody learn in the way they learn best then I’m all for it.

  • Avatar Santi says:

    Our church is of a slleamr scale also and we do not have any special needs children. However, this year, we are expanding the promotion of our VBS out to more of the surrounding community and if there are any special needs cases that enroll it is good know we have a curriculum option for them as well. I also like the idea someone posted about assigning a worker to be their friend for the week. That would also help the child enjoy the whole VBS experience without taxing our group leaders.

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