Huddling Your Team in the Huddle Room

Coworkers doing a video conference in the conference room

Great ideas and critical meetings aren’t always planned. Regardless of industry or profession, the need to meet can happen when it’s least expected. When you are prepared and have the equipment you need ready to go, you can keep the momentum flowing in an environment where input and collaboration can make things happen quickly and efficiently.

Advancements in Technology

Technological advances have made it possible to conduct meetings anywhere, anytime. As the pace of everything from business to education continues to accelerate, huddle rooms are taking the place of larger, more formal, conference rooms. Even with their small stature, these versatile rooms make it possible for you to bring everyone together so that you can share and disseminate information in both a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Businesspeople in Huddle Space MeetingThe trick to making a huddle room work is ensuring that your audio, video, and digital content sharing and collaboration systems work flawlessly. Today’s workplace will benefit from it, and the workplace for tomorrow requires it. So, what tools does your office need to bring your huddle space to life?

Critical Components of a Huddle Room

Start with the foundation. You’ll want to incorporate large-format, high-resolution displays capable of giving even the most detailed spreadsheet the crisp resolution required for easy readability. Coupled with non-intrusive audio speakers/mics, and sound masking, your meetings will have the clarity and privacy you require.

Next, you’ll need a way to reach out to everyone. As you’re considering the services and platforms to use in your huddle rooms, remember that up to 1/3 of your attendees are going to be attending the meeting via mobile devices. Many times, participants won’t be in their regular offices. Cloud hosted video conferencing will make it possible to engage meeting participants via remote laptops, tablets, smartphones, as well as integrated room systems

Finally, wireless content sharing capability is imperative for meeting success in today’s BYOD environment. It makes it simple for everyone within huddle rooms to use the devices they are most comfortable utilizing without having to worry about carting around a fist full of dongles and adapters. BYOD further enhances spontaneity which increases engagement during the meeting and long after it’s over.  By making it easy for team members to connect via their own connection points, you make it easy for them to become active participants in the discussion.

When you set up your huddle room so that it’s a well-connected workspace, the results are absolutely astounding. Not only will it make collaboration easier to achieve, but it will help you streamline your operations and reduce your overall operating costs while boosting workplace efficiency.



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