Large Conference RoomCavernous conference rooms may have served the needs of companies in the past, but in today’s fast-moving business world where agility is crucial, the usefulness of these large spaces may not keep up. Huddle rooms are the alternative that can help your business keep pace.

Smaller Space, Greater Efficiency

Huddle rooms are small meeting spaces that provide all the technological features of a large conference room. In the same square footage required for a typical large conference room, multiple huddle rooms can be provided for employees, making them ideal for impromptu meetings and the quick brainstorming sessions today’s businesses thrive on. They also make it easy to meet with remote workers, an increasingly important factor in maintaining your company’s flexibility.

The snug size provides privacy and a distraction-free environment that boosts efficiency. Teams can get a lot more done when they’re not sharing one large conference room with other groups.

Huddle rooms are less expensive to equip than full-sized conference rooms, but planning is key. The utility of these rooms depends on a flawlessly integrated audio-video system.

Advanced Technology on Demand


Gone are the days of crowding around a single laptop. Equip your Huddle Room with an appropriately-sized HD display mounted at eye level, and everyone will enjoy a clear view. Wireless content sharing is now a must. These rooms are meant to work on a BYOD (bring your own device) basis, so an employee can bring their preferred device, effortlessly display their content on the screen and be able to collaborate with others in the room or with remotely connected participants.

To support video conferencing, equip the room with a high-quality pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera. Some of today’s cameras also have the ability to automatically locate and frame the active speaker. Don’t skimp on your video conferencing software. Choose a software that provides advanced features such as application sharing, one-click calling, and continuous presence.

For optimal sound quality, you’ll need microphones and speakers suited to the size of the space. Just as important is correct placement and configuration. When well-integrated mics and speakers are hardly noticeable, the room retains the clutter-free design that’s part of its appeal. Furthermore, sound masking systems are a must in rooms where confidential conversations will be held.

Because your choice of AV equipment and seamless system integration are what make your huddle rooms effective, before you start planning, consult with experts like Unified Technology Systems, who are knowledgeable about and have experience designing these spaces.


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