A hungry mind should be fed all the knowledge it can consume. From the days of card catalogs to today’s internet search engines, technology has opened a world of information for the world to devour. Teachers around the globe are embracing innovative new technologies to ensure their students’ minds never starve in the quest for knowledge.

To that end, SMART Technologies has created an impressive selection of hardware and software tools worth noting. Leading the BYOD (bring your own device) in schools’ revolution, SMART software and hardware systems make it easy for students to connect, collaborate, and absorb knowledge like no other generation before. This is imperative in today’s fast-paced, high-information classroom.

  • Smart content accessed at board and BYODSmart Amp – A simple web-based learning platform that makes collaboration a breeze. Designed to be compatible with a wide variety of devices, it easily fits within the BYOD education model. It also gives teachers valuable insight into their students’ learning processes, which helps them tailor lessons to acquire the knowledge to take them them to the next level.
  • Smart Notebook – One of the toughest tasks teachers face is creating solid lesson plans. SMART Notebook makes lesson planning an easier task by providing access to a wide variety of proven lesson plans and materials. They can download these materials and use them as-is or modify them as needed. In addition, they have the tools to create their own custom lessons to complement specific course standards.

SMART boards support multiple usersNaturally, these industry-leading programs need a place to be displayed that integrates the software with instinctive interaction techniques. These programs are incorporated into SMART’s cutting-edge hardware tools such as the SMART Board and SMART Interactive Flat Panels. Having large, high resolution surfaces, tools like these make interacting with content something everyone can do. Whether a student is demonstrating their work at the front of the class, sitting at their desk, or recovering from the flu at home, it’s crucial to have reliable and user friendly tools that can make teaching and learning fun, collaborative, and informative. Equally important, the content must be easily synced to BYOD devices without any quality loss or delay.

Unified Technology Systems proudly offers Smart Technologies’ education tools for our clients. We’ll be happy to tell you more about the way they fit into the BYOD In Schools model.


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