Group meeting in Huddle RoomsThe way we collaborate, in a boardroom, a classroom or anywhere we share information, is transforming. The traditional super-sized boardroom hasn’t gone away, but as the manner in which we communicate in meetings evolves, so do the meeting spaces. Enter Huddle Rooms.

Why Go Small?

Because Huddle Rooms, by definition, are small, companies can create several meeting areas in the space of one traditional large conference room.

Room Scheduling panel for Huddle Rooms

The Crestron® Room Scheduling Touch Screen is as stunning to see as it is effective to use.

Equipped with easy-to-use quick-connect audio-visual systems these rooms are perfect for impromptu gatherings as well as scheduled meetings. With the proper equipment, remote workers are as much a part of the team as those on-site.

When huddle rooms are available, there’s no need to wait until the big conference room is free. Small groups that need a collaboration space on the fly can do so without interrupting the creative flow.

Studies show the intimate surroundings of a huddle room promote better collaboration than what may occur in a large conference room. Because the large boardroom usually has more people listening to a top-down presentation, team members may feel inhibited from fully participating in the process. In many cases, the smaller the meeting space, the more engaged the team.

Equipping Huddle Rooms

Evolving AV technology has played a huge role in the success of huddle rooms. So what cutting-edge equipment are you likely to find in a huddle room outfitted by Unified Technology Systems? Here’s a sampling:

    • SMART kapp Digital Flipchart in Huddle Rooms

      SMART kapp utilizes technology to facilitate note capture without disrupting the creative flow.

      SMART kapp dry erase board. This technology overcomes the obstacles presented by old-school paper flip-charts. Gone are the days of taking pictures of notes to email, one-by-one or the dreaded “Do Not Erase” directive on the only available dry erase board. Notes are instantly captured and saved as one document using a free app mapped to the SMART hardware. Information can be shared with team members anywhere—in the room, across town or around the world.

    • WePresent and ClickShare wireless presentation systems. How often have you wanted to share content from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop but you didn’t have the right “dongle?” These systems allow you to present without cables or wires to trip you up.
    • Videoconferencing. Include remote team members or clients in face to face sessions without travel time and cost.
    • Room Scheduling Touch Screens. Wall mounted outside each meeting room, red/green LEDs indicate the ‘Occupied’ or ‘Open’ status easily from the other end of the hall. At the screen, the user may check a room’s availability and book the space.

Planning a huddle room? We’re your AV consulting, installing and maintaining source. Unified Technology Systems, is a leader in audio-visual solutions for any conference room, large or small

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