Unified designs auto switching into sophisticated meeting rooms. With all of the different types of technology available today, people are looking for new ways to connect and share collaborative multimedia presentations. Whether you are teaching in school or presenting information in the boardroom, this approach keeps your audience more interested and engaged.

bad connectionsUnfortunately, some of those benefits dissipate when gaps form between presenters or input devices. One way to minimize this problem is to utilize auto switching. Building a system that includes and uses an auto switcher keeps your presentations transitioning smoothly and lets you build more content in as you go.

Plug and Play

When auto switching is part of your system, you can shift easily between connection types without having to slow down your presentation. The switcher can connect to projection, high definition displays, videowalls or other audio visual equipment. You can even bring in BYOD presentations from long distances with wireless presentation inputs. Auto switching automatically moves from one input to the next depending on what is connected at a given time. You no longer need to manually switch inputs to connect to the right device. You thus save tech time and energy that you can devote to delivering impactful content to your classroom or your business group.

Multiple Presenters

Computer monitor inputsAn additional benefit to using auto switching comes with your ability to build a collaborative meeting or group presentation. The switcher allows you to connect devices by switching to the active input. Where a group meeting often involves clumsy changes of screen sharing signals, an auto switcher allows you to move virtually seamlessly among presenters, with fewer awkward pauses and delays in the process.

Helping Build Efficiency

Time is at a premium today; whether in business or education, we already have more filling our day than ever before. Auto switching equipment allows you to make the most of your time by cutting down significantly on downtime and gaps between presenters. It makes your meetings and presentations easier and smoother, allowing you to maximize your time.

Reach out to Unified today to see if auto switching can be integrated into your meeting space.


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