Professional AV Control Systems Help Keep Audiences Engaged

Speaker Using AV Control SystemWhen it comes to an AV control system, ease of use is key. From educators in the classroom to professional presenters in the conference room, no one wants to fumble with complicated controls while an audience is waiting. Intuitive controls and ease of operation are the hallmarks of a well-integrated system designed to facilitate the presentation, minimize lapses and keep the audience engaged.

What An AV Control System Does

Think of the control system as the brain of your audiovisual system, and your AV equipment as the arms and legs. Your system may be wide ranging in capabilities, with a projector screen and projector, speakers and mic, video and audio conferencing equipment, live video feeds (TV), and DVD or DVR players; but the control system ensures these devices mesh seamlessly.

Typically, the AV control system enables the presenter to activate the power and on/off control of the display or projector, raise or lower the audio volume and change source inputs. More advanced systems may also control retractable screens, lights and window shades. Operation of a state-of-the-art control system should be intuitive.

An AV Control System for All Levels of Operation

Crestron AV Control System Blount Partnership

The Crestron control panel in the Blount Country Chamber Meeting room manages input and output sources, motorized projection screen and lighting.

While AV system processing and connections have become more streamlined over recent years, often with a single box providing multiple functions, the control systems have become more sophisticated and complex. That’s why it’s more important than ever that certified programmers design these systems to offer fluid operation.

Unified offers control systems in simple-to-operate designs for every level of operation, for every budget. We also offer a variety of control systems as customizable network solutions for business, government and educational institutions.

To make a new installation “future-proof,” Unified suggests control systems that offer the flexibility to expand and change as user’s needs change and technology advances.

Contact Unified to learn more about control systems as part of an integrated AV system at your business or educational/government facility.


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