How to Use Interactive Technology to Enhance Classroom Learning

How are we using interactive technology to enhance classroom learning? Educators everywhere are challenged to stay ahead as new technology keeps emerging, and as schools do their best to provide that technology and make sure teachers and professors know how to get the most out of it.

Here are just a few of the ways interactive technology is enhancing how students learn.


Touch-Enabled Interactive Projectors

Clevertouch Interactive Display

Using learning games on this Clevertouch display enables students with different learning styles grasp and reinforce concepts.

Interactive projectors do away with the pen for operation and, as many educators have noted, some of the barriers to learning have gone with it. Students expect to interact with things through touch these days. When they can go to a screen and move images, they grasp not only the relevance of the objects they’re manipulating — whether it’s a planet in a solar system or the gears in a machine — but the relationships between them. Lessons are reinforced not only visually but also through touch. Since several students can be involved with a project at once, they also build collaborative skills.

Interactive Whiteboards and Displays

Interactive Display Multiple Children

With multiple points of touch, SMART Interactive LED Displays enable groups to collaborate simultaneously.

Interactive whiteboards (IWB) aren’t new; in fact, they’ve become a common classroom fixture. As technology advances, interactive  displays are replacing boards and are being seen in many more classrooms. That said, many educators still treat them as if they’re just fancy projector screens when the fact is, they can do so much more. For instance, group note taking can promote collaborative skills among your students, and the notes can be saved so you have a digital record of your daily activities.

Innovative interactive and collaborative software allows users to tap into a wealth of online interactive activities, from playing with words and letters to explorations of data and mathematics. You can even exchange lessons and learning with other instructors and students nearby or on the other side of the world. This technology easily accommodates different learning styles: audio, visual and kinesthetic.

AV Systems Monitoring and Control

As an enhancement to your interactive hardware and software, an AV monitoring system allows you to oversee multiple classroom audio-visual devices, so you can track lamp hours, help instructors with operating equipment, or proactively troubleshoot AV problems.

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