Using Digital Signage Displays To Influence Your Target Audience

Digital Signs Sky Is the Limit

Digital signage displays are being found everywhere. To sell products, certainly, but also to communicate key information in schools, in travel hubs, in government buildings — you name it. In the years since digital signage made its debut, most of us now expect to find a digital sign somewhere close by — indoors or outside.

Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with digital signage displays, but it’s not just anything goes. It’s important to understand what turns people off and what engages them, so you can maximize your influence with your digital signage. For instance, no one likes to engage with an interactive display and be blasted first thing by an obnoxious, loud commercial. You may well drive off your target audience that way. Following are some other suggestions.

Digital Signage Display Rules to Live By

  1. Digital Sign In Library Cafe

    Digital signage throughout the Blount County Library, including this one in the cafe, keeps patrons informed of events and services.

    Pay attention to content. Make sure it’s lively, engaging and changes often, so your potential audience doesn’t ignore it. If you display advertising along with non-commercial content, it’s helpful if it ties in with what you do.

  2. Locate your display strategically. Whether it’s facing a street from a store window or mounted on a wall in a lobby, classroom or auditorium, make sure your audience can see the display easily without craning their necks. Think strategically about where the display will do the most good: If you’re selling something, don’t locate a display at the checkout point because by then it’s too late to make a sale.
  3. Minor updates should be easy to make. You want to keep content fresh so that your audience stays engaged, and that means setting up daily operation so others can easily do updates.
  4. Keep the message simple. This is particularly important in advertising as well as communications to passersby. Make sure your message is easy to read or decipher. And while it’s fine to be creative, get to the point and don’t make your audience guess what it is.

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