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Remote Monitoring BannerIt’s all about having the confidence your rooms will work… every time.

Has this ever happened to you? You walk into the conference room to give a big presentation for one of your most important clients and your biggest anxiety is whether the audio or video equipment in the room will work. You need to mentally prepare yourself for the important proposal but you are nervously trying to get the presentation to display on the projector. Then realize the projector lamp had just blown. Your meeting has to be moved and you have to put in a service ticket to get the issue resolved.

Businessman Entering a MeetingWhy Unified Remote Management?

What if you had an automated remote management (RM) system that was checking 24/7 to see if your AV equipment was performing properly?  And, what if that system was tied to your AV partner’s service team?  In the scenario above, RM would have been keeping track of the lamp hours used on the projector. The service team received a notification indicating the lamp life was at a critical stage and needed replacement. Well before your meeting, they would install a fresh, new lamp in the projector, preempting your disruption. And, this would occur without you placing a single call to the service team. In fact, you can eliminate up to 90% of your calls for service with RM. This is one of the many benefits of having a remote management system in place.

Track Your AV Investments

How about trying to determine if your AV investment is being fully utilized?  Unified Remote Management can track how often a device is being used. Maybe you really didn’t need to include that Blu-ray player in the system because it only gets used once a month. The drive in the laptop would have sufficed. In an enterprise with many meeting rooms, that could mean a significant savings to your company.  Another important function is keeping track of all the networked AV devices. RM provides asset management by tracking MAC and IP addresses of all your AV equipment and generating reports for your IT department.

Save Time and Money

RM screenshot

Remote access to all networked AV products allows Unified RM to communicate without onsite visits.

Less disruptive service calls and avoiding “truck rolls” save time and money. Unified Remote Management can be enabled to allow remote access to your organization’s AV equipment. In many technology devices firmware needs to be routinely updated. Such is also the case with most AV equipment. With RM, the service team can remotely push firmware updates to the AV devices. Often, problems can be resolved with a simple cycling of the power. Either the whole AV rack needs to be powered down and back up again or a specific device may need to be targeted for a reboot. Power over Ethernet (PoE) on a network switch may need to be cycled. This can be done via RM without a single truck roll.

Informative Reports

Unified Remote Management provides powerful reporting for the IT department. RM gives visibility into LAN and WAN performance for criteria such as round trip average, upload, download, latency, and jitter. RM notifies the service team when a device has dropped off the network, as well.

To summarize, Unified Remote Management is an essential tool that allows your AV partner’s service team to proactively manage the critical AV equipment in your conference, training, and multi-purpose rooms.  RM is overseeing your AV equipment 24/7 and notifying the service center’s staff via emails and/or texts when problems arise so they can take action before you have to.

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