Interactive Digital Wayfinding

Visix interactive digital wayfinding

Interactive digital wayfinding maps such as these by our partner, Visix, Inc., lead visitors through your facility and give your audience a convenient one-stop source for information.

When visitors to your facility arrive, they expect to be able to find their destination without an escort. In recent years static building directories have given way to interactive digital wayfinding. These dynamic systems offer users and owners several benefits over their passive predecessors.

Meeting Expectations of Digital Natives with Interactive Digital Wayfinding

Due to the interactive digital qualities of the system, users can experience much more than a backlit map and corresponding list of tenants. Search tools allow users to locate their destination quickly by name. Some systems link a calendar schedule that will display the agenda of events and upon selection offer direction to the event’s location.

Mapped directions range from simple two-dimensional line drawings to animated three dimensional guided tours. Designers still begin the wayfinding journey from a “you are here” locator. From that point, the route may instantly appear on the screen. More advanced systems will deliberately and gradually guide the visitor, virtually, from their location to the appropriate elevators, to necessary floors and through hallways to their destination. Some systems offer the added benefit of take-along directions by transmitting step-by-step instructions to the user’s mobile device.

What the Owner of an Interactive Digital Wayfinding System Can Expect

Using Interactive digital wayfining

Once the design for a digital wayfinding system is complete, programmed and implemented, maintenance is typically very simple for the owner. The updates to many systems are similar to revising an Excel spreadsheet. Also, some systems allow the owner to indicate an area temporarily off limits so that the system can reroute users safely and effectively.

What Else an Interactive Digital Wayfinding System Can Do

Depending on the complexity of the programming, options may include voice connections or additional information about the intended destination. Systems may also be programmed to display informational messaging while the interactive directory is idle. Further, as with most digital signage systems, alert notifications can supersede standard content. If this becomes necessary, the interactive wayfinding digital signage will transform into a facilities security tool. A quality digital signage network will integrate with an organization’s existing emergency notification system taking the human interaction requirement out of an already tense situation.

The Cost of an Interactive Digital Wayfinding System

Visix interactive digital wayfinding

Digital Signage provides a means to develop user-friendly interactive wayfinding and directory solutions.

The initial investment for a true digital wayfinding signage system is going to have a higher price tag than its traditional static counterpart. However, in the long run, the benefits to both the end user and the owner are enough to justify the expense. Besides the obvious wow-factor of a well-designed system, the cost of static signs, which require replacement for every update, makes the digital wayfinding unit a smarter asset. The satisfaction for consumers utilizing a system like this is priceless.

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