What do you expect from an audio-visual service? What should you expect? To whom can you turn when you expect more from an AV service?

Proactive, Not Passive

Audiovisual support companies are everywhere. We all live in an electronic information age, so we all have many providers eager to sell you AV equipment, install it, and show you how to use it. Most providers then pack up, leave an invoice, and disappear.

What happens when the projector bulb burns out an hour before a major presentation? What happens when the microphones stop working during a stockholder’s video conference? What happens when the software for the new campaign rollout goes haywire?

You are a professional. You don’t ruffle easily. You call the company that installed the projectors, microphones, hardware and software. You call, you leave messages, you try to relay a detailed description of a complex technical issue, and you wait, and you hope …

Maybe you hear back. Maybe you don’t. Your in-house team tries to get you up and running, or they offer a fixit solution that makes your presentation, and by extension your company, look amateurish.

Such a model is reactive — a problem arises, you react by calling on your outside vendor, and the vendor reacts by dispatching a technician to solve it … eventually.

Is that what you want? Is that what you expect from your AV service?

What would a proactive AV services company, one providing not just AV but AT —Advanced Technology — look like?

Imagine a company that quietly, diligently monitors every piece of AV equipment it installs. Imagine a company that can confidently tell you exactly how your AV system, in all its complexity, is running. Think of the mastery you will feel every time you begin an important client pitch, stakeholder presentation, or sales meeting. Equipment working flawlessly. No downtime. Just the seamless integration of hardware, software, and people.

Unified Remote Management

You need not imagine such a comforting, confidence-boosting future. You can have it with Unified Technology Systems groundbreaking Remote Management (RM).

With RM, your installed AV system is monitored 24/7/365. Every microphone, projector, audio mixer, video wall, computer, and speaker checked and rechecked, constantly.

With RM, the network carrying the control packets for every video conference call and webinar, providing you with vibrant video and crystal-clear audio, is monitored at every moment.

With RM, your Unified Technology Systems support team can identify, diagnose, and correct an issue often before you even know it is an issue.

Partnering with Unified gives you the opportunity to tap into the power of RM from a leading technology services company. Our RM allows us to chart the health of your AV system, identify potential trouble spots, and prevent equipment failure.

This provides you, our client, with the highest quality service for your technology integrations. This allows us, your AV provider, to support your mission with a superior level of customer attentiveness.

Helping You

With Unified RM, we can fully control the quality of your audio and video, manage your network, and diagnose issues with the equipment we install.

No miracles here; we can only monitor what a client asks us to monitor. We may be monitoring only a conference room’s AV equipment, or we may be looking after an entire building’s signage, video walls, audio and video, software, mixers and more.

Because we only monitor what you ask us to, your privacy and propriety information is never an issue. The “remote” part of RM is key to our success. We receive emails and reports automatically through the RM system, remotely access the equipment, and attempt to repair the problem without ever dispatching a technician to your site.

If, of course, we cannot correct the issue remotely, we dispatch a highly trained technician to you, on your schedule, to repair the equipment, fix the software, or resolve the problem.

Invest in Your Investment

Any modern AV system is a serious investment. You stake your company’s future on the quality of presentations to attract new clients, you bolster your company’s reputation with customer service.

You invested wisely in the ideal combination of AV equipment to:

  • promote your brand
  • support your customers
  • train your employees

Complete the investment with a monitoring system to keep your equipment in perfect health.

Your message deserves to be heard. Your people deserve to work without worry about the AV equipment failing them. With Unified Technology Systems and RM working behind the scenes, you can focus on your core mission, confident your AV equipment will perform flawlessly every time.

The Future, Delivered

As Unified continues to advance the technology behind RM, our goal is to provide you, the client, with ever-more reliable AV systems. We foresee a self-healing monitoring system that identifies and corrects data drops, network relay switch errors, packet problems, equipment failures and more.

If you’re ready to rest easy, knowing your AV system is in the best hands, give us a call to schedule a review of your current technology situation and see if RM is right for you.

Javier Martin

Vice President Network Solutions at Unified Technology Systems
Skilled in Mission Critical environments, Data Center, Data Center Architecture, knowledge based business development, and Solution Selling.

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Javier Martin

Author Javier Martin

Skilled in Mission Critical environments, Data Center, Data Center Architecture, knowledge based business development, and Solution Selling.

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