Security concerns continue to make worldwide headlines. Companies remain on high alert to ensure their facilities remain secure. The race to stay ahead of continually evolving security threats is one that every company must strive to win to stay competitive.

While cybersecurity may get the most attention, access control systems that help keep physical facilities safe and secure are also worthy of serious evaluation. It has become challenging to choose the right type of security system, especially given the wide range of technology options available today. This is why you need to evaluate three major factors when selecting the best option for protecting your business.

Seamless Integration

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The odds are that you already have several systems in place for running your day to day business operations. It is a challenging task to keep these systems working in an integrated fashion. Adding an access control system to the mix has to be predicated on seamless integration. This means the solution must be flexible enough to be tailored to your specific needs.

Let’s look at integration with Human Resources as an example. You already have systems and processes in place to hire, terminate, pay, and provide benefits for your employees. Door access controls systems with badge scanning access work best when they can be seamlessly integrated with existing HR capabilities.

Whether you require a standard configuration or role-based access control, your system needs to allow for automated processes to add and delete access as employees are hired and terminated. This simplifies the process of managing employees while also ensuring that unauthorized badge access does not occur. You will also want reporting capabilities that allow you to monitor the times that your employees enter and leave through the door access control systems.


Your goal is to expand your business. When it grows, you will need your access control systems to be able to grow just as quickly. Whether you are growing existing facilities or expanding to new ones, your access control systems must be on a platform built for growth. Open source architecture is a crucial factor in your systems ability to expand when necessary.

security hardware

Modern access control systems have both hardware and software components. Hardware manufacturers will build the controllers and the readers that support a range of communication protocols and interoperability integrations. Software providers can then take advantage of the open architecture model to provide robust APIs that can communicate with other existing business software systems.

The strength of this model is evident in both new system installations as well as upgrades to existing hardware. For new access control systems, you can build the combination of new hardware and software integrations that meet your security needs. For facilities with existing equipment, you can use the open source architecture to integrate powerful new APIs into existing controllers and readers to improve the security of your physical locations.

Security and Compliance

There is more to increasing security than just adding badge scanners to a door for employee access. Additional considerations for compliance with HIPPA and FIPS may also need to be part of your access control systems. Managing visitors and protecting your mission-critical assets must also be part of a comprehensive solution.

Identification Management Systems will help secure your locations through the use of badge scanning systems. This allows the tracking of employees as well as visitors. In addition to traditional badges that can be customized with logos, modern access control systems can integrate with mobile phone technologies as well. Through the use of mobile credentials, you can achieve two-factor authentications as well as provide a backup solution for when employees leave their badges at home.

Further protection can be obtained through integration with security cameras and video surveillance equipment. Access control systems should be able to detect when a door is forced open and link automatically to the video footage in the surveillance system. All of this can be integrated with remote and onsite monitoring systems for efficient review of security footage. This results in quicker response times to security threats.

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