Introducing the SMART Table 442i

SMART is creating excitement for young learners in the classroom.

Unified Technology Systems and SMART Technologies introduce the SMART Table 442i

The SMART Table 442i has created an irresistible learning center for Pre K-3.  This collaborative learning technology makes learning become play enabling small groups to complete problem solving, learn team play and work face-to-face on one interactive surface.  Students can use simple intuitive gestures such as tossing , rotating and zoom.  This creates a strong learning environment and fosters social skills not learned by sitting still at the desk.

Engage and Interact

The smooth touch interactive table is irresistible to young students.

SMART Table from above

The SMART Table supports up to 40 simultaneous touches!

It engages Pre-K and special needs  children with more than 1,500 ready-to-go activities and lessons  available from the SMART Exchange website.  The SMART Table Toolkit allows teachers to create themed lessons to meet specific classroom needs.  Lessons may even be imported in 3D making the learning experience come alive for even the most challenging of students.


The SMART Table may be integrated with other SMART technology tools to create the ultimate solution for the Pre K – 3 classrooms. Connecting the SMART document camera to capture and display images and video on the SMART interactive Board keeps the rest of the class involved.  Through the included SMART Sync Classroom management,  teachers will be able to transition interactive lessons easily from small groups to the whole class by sharing content on an interactive display.   The Universal Design for Learning provides the flexibility to create customized lesson content to accommodate children with special needs.

Form + Function = Academic Success

Supported by a specially-designed pedestal base the 442i SMART Table  is virtually untippable – even to the most enthusiastic student.   This design provides easy-access for all students, even those in wheelchairs, to get involved in discussions and group activities.  While stable and rugged, the SMART Table is designed to fit through doorways and may be moved from classroom to classroom.  This SMART collaborative learning center SMART Table 442ifeatures a 42 inch, multi-touch, high-definition 1080p LCD screen allowing as many as eight students to interact at the same time.  Learning and working together becomes play to inspire the center based learning and collaboration.  SMART Table is equipped with headphone jacks and table speakers with individual volume controls. Being Wi-Fi ready allows the Table to connect to SMART Exchange website as well as your district’s network.

Invite Unified Technology Systems and SMART Table 442i to be a part of your classroom.  Help your children discover a new World of learning through interaction.




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