TelePresence in the Cloud

Meet Me In The Cloud

Professional Videoconferencing at a Fraction of the Cost

Imagine internal and B2B videoconferencing, with no CapEx investment, no bulky hardware to manage, and no new video endpoints to purchase.

Cloud-based Conferencing:

  • Cloud Conferencing

    Makes it easier than ever for your employees, partners, customers, and suppliers to join a conference anytime, anywhere.

  • Provides customers with high-quality, easy-to-use, videoconferencing functionality, without the problems associated with traditional professional videoconference systems
  • Requires zero capital expenditure for video bridging hardware. The conferencing service is run in the cloud.
  • Expands your endpoint options. You are no longer constrained by scarce, overbooked video room systems. Participants connect on virtually any device, anywhere.

Benefits of Cloud-based Conferencing

TelePresence in the CloudGroup Conference

Enterprise-class video solution without the infrastructure costs

Quick and Easy Implementation

Within minutes, enable conference room video, personal video, and set up virtual meeting rooms

Easy to Deploy Video

No server configuration or complex installations. Simple one-click activation and you are ready to make video calls

Simple to Scale

Expands or reduces easily with adding or removing subscriptions

Flexible Deployment Options

Automatically connect from any location

Cost Control

Monthly or annual billing for active subscribers


Redundancy and security built-in


Cloud Conference

Talk to anyone on any network on any device

Plug and Play

Activation is simple and you have your own, unique calling address

Unlimited Video Calling

Call as much as you’d like to users both inside and outside of your company

Screen Sharing

Show presentations and other documents

Virtual Meeting Rooms

  • Secure, open virtual rooms for multiple callers
  • Unique address with password protection when needed
  • 3rd party integration with applications such as Lync
  • Unlimited usage available


  • Similar to cell phone usage and billing but with business video
  • Start using video immediately
  • Unlimited video calling immediately – simple activation, no complex configurations
  • Dedicated capacity without your own dedicated network
  • Automatic updates delivered to your unique address
  • Only pay for active users – Everyone can have access at a low cost



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