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Assistive Listening Technology

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Think of withdrawing from all the social activities you once enjoyed, merely because you lack confidence in your hearing ability. Hearing loss is a treatable, socially isolating problem. Fearing embarrassment, sufferers of hearing loss seclude themselves from pleasurable activities like going to the movies, attending shows and concerts, dining at restaurants, and worshipping as they wish. Discerning speech sounds becomes difficult, even with hearing aids.

We Hear You

An alternative exists. Unified Technology Systems restores the rich sounds and clarity once enjoyed by these sufferers. Through practical solutions that tackle the challenges of background noise, competing conversations, and loss in high and low registers, Unified Technology Systems delivers personalized, precise audio in any setting.

The engineers and researchers behind these two Unified Technology Systems innovations know the positive impact pure, clear sound has on people’s lives:

  1. Assistive listening systems compliant with all appropriate government regulations; these solutions work in performance venues, public spaces, and wherever focused, personalized audio is needed.
  2. Systems that provide audio over wireless internet connectivity (WiFi), enhancing video walls and offering affordable, reliable audio that delivers high-quality sound for all listeners.

Assistive Listening Technology

Three different methods of delivering assistive listening technology are offered by the experts of Unified Technology Systems:

  1. Radio frequency (RF)
  2. Infrared (IR)
  3. Induction loop (IL)

Unified Technology Systems delivers sound to a personal receiver or compatible hearing aid. Each helps block annoying ambient noise and reverberations. The source sound is delivered with high fidelity directly to the user’s ear.

Radio Frequency Systems

RF assistive listening systems transmit radio signals at the FCC-mandated 72 and 216 MHz bands. This tried-and-true system is made up of a transmitter, antenna, and receiver delivering great sound with high reliability.

Infrared Systems

Infrared light transmits audio in much the same way that a remote control for your television transmits signals. The typical IR system comprises a radiator, transmitter, and receiver.

Induction Loop Systems

An Induction Loop or Hearing Loop system uses an integral wire connected to a loop driver. An induction loop consists of a loop driver, copper wire, and the receiver (a user’s hearing aid or cochlear implant).


  • People with hearing disabilities are a significant percentage of the population.
  • Reach a wider audience and create more opportunity for increased business by providing easier access in and around your business.
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires access to your venue for the deaf and hard of hearing.