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Enterprise Technology

Our audio-visual design group specializes in providing enterprise level AV solutions for small, medium and large businesses, government entities and house of worship properties. With a wide variety of technologies and solutions at our disposal from the leading manufacturers in the industry, we are well equipped to design and implement the AV solutions that modern operations demand.


Providing a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to travel, video conferencing provides a face-to-face communication aspect to conference calls. Determining the solution that best fits your needs and budget is the critical first step. From there our experienced engineering team will design the optimal video conferencing solution to fit your organization’s requirements.

Learn More About Hard Codecs Vs. Soft Codecs

The traditional approach is the in-room hard codec system. The term codec is a combination word for coder and decoder. A hardware codec translates the signals to the video processor which drives a video conferencing solution. In hard codec AV solutions, the equipment, or hardware, will be physically located in the conference room, discreetly installed in a credenza or closet rack. The benefit of the hardware codec audiovisual solution is the exceptional video quality and professional sound.

If you require the ability for participants to be able to attend remotely from their workstations, tablet or smartphone, rather than to convene in a centralized conference room, then you need a soft codec solution. These AV solutions are driven by cloud-based software codecs with endpoints installed on the employee’s laptop, workstation tablet, and smartphone. The benefit of this approach is that your video conferencing can be extended to where your colleagues are located rather than being confined to a specific conference room.

Videoconferencing Solutions


Polycom is known for providing the highest quality world-class digital collaboration solutions with both voice and video capabilities.
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Cisco is a worldwide leader in Information Technology and Networking. Their video conferencing solutions provide crystal clear voice and sound.
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Lifesize offers the highest quality video conferencing solutions that make your business connect and collaborate effectively.
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BlueJeans specializes in delivering premium two-way video conference calls that are scalable, secure and device independent.
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Zoom is best known for being one of the leading enterprise-level Web and Video conferencing solution providers in the industry.
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Huddle Rooms

Today’s nimble businesses require collaborative rooms that allow small groups of employees to work together utilizing state of the art audio, video and collaborative displays. Creating multiple huddle rooms in the space traditionally set aside for a large conference room means employees can spontaneously grab a collaboration space without interrupting the ideation flow.

The first characteristic of these huddle rooms are the types of displays that are available. If you require an interactive display, where your employees can collaboratively engage, annotate, save and distribute notes, then you can implement the latest in “smart” interactive technology from vendors like CleverTouch, ClearTouch and Viewsonic. Conversely, non-interactive displays offer a variety of solutions for displaying high-resolution content to your teams to be used for presentation and/or discussion purposes. Regardless of the type of display needed, our team will size the display to fit a variety of room sizes and configurations.

Display Solutions


Clevertouch develops advanced, interactive touch screens that facilitate cutting-edge collaboration for both you and your audience.

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NEC Display Solutions of America provides intelligent display solutions with brilliantly stunning digital displays.

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Planar provides state of the art digital displays with brilliant image quality and professional reliability for your collaborative spaces.

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SMART is the name synonymous with smart board technology that offers technologically advanced collaboration systems.

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In addition to the proper display, we offer all in one AV Furniture options that are perfect for smaller, collaborative spaces. These intelligently designed furniture solutions conveniently and discreetly integrate all of your state-of-the-art audio, video, and power components.
We also offer a number of Room Control options that allow you to control power, AV source, and conferencing, from a single, sleek touchscreen control mechanism.
No Huddle Room would be complete without Wireless Presentation Solutions. Now, your employees can bring their own device (BYOD) to the huddle room and quickly connect to the existing AV solutions to share their work with teammates without the distraction of locating a myriad of connection dongles.

Solutions for AV Furniture, Room Control, Wireless Presentation and Room Scheduling

Middle Atlantic Hub

Middle Atlantic Products’ Hub

Middle Atlantic Products’ Hub provides all-in-one furniture solutions designed to maximize equipment and peripheral storage.


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MAP Rack Credenza

Middle Atlantic Products’ In Room Rack Credenza

Middle Atlantic provides pre-configured credenzas that are both stylish and practical to house your AV equipment.


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Crestron Room Control

Crestron provides advanced room control capabilities that offer convenient touch screens and remote controls.


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Barco Clickshare

Barco Clickshare

Barco Clickshare offers plug and play wireless presentation systems that connect easily to your laptop or other devices.


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WePresent Screen Sharing


WePresent is best known for their wireless presentation systems. Their state of the art product supports up to 64 users at once.

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Crestron Air Media

Crestron Air Media

Crestron Air Media provides fast, easy, manageable, and secure wireless presentation technology to enable collaboration.

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Kramer Via

Kramer VIA

Kramer VIA offers wireless collaboration and presentation solutions that make sharing and presenting easier.


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Mersive Solstice

Mersive Solstice

Mersive Solstice provides capabilities that allow multiple meeting participants to share and administer information from their device.


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Crestron Room Scheduling

Crestron Room Scheduling

Crestron Room Scheduling connects to your existing calendar system with a sleek interactive room display.

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AMX Ascendo Book

AMX Acendo Book

AMX Acendo Book delivers state of the art digital room scheduling panels for locating and booking rooms.

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BTX Bookit


BTX Book IT provides cost-effective and easy to deploy systems used to schedule any room on your network.

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Visix Room Signs

Visix Room Signs

Visix interactive and e-paper room signs allow you to manage your spaces to engage your audience and increase efficiencies.

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Boardroom/Large Presentation Room Solutions

When you require an executive-level presentation space, we have the AV solutions your C-Level decision makers require. Choose from a variety of interactive and non-interactive displays that can be custom designed to elegantly fit your existing or new boardroom space. Whether you require interactive collaboration or the highest quality noninteractive screens, our AV design group can give you the optimal combination of picture and sound.
Executive level spaces also require professional and impressive AV furniture. You want your boardroom to give the right impression to prospective customers, investors and business partners. We work with high-quality custom furniture manufacturers so that your aesthetic investment meets your quality expectations while also being specifically designed to discreetly and conveniently house the required AV components.
Add in modern room controls and a wireless presentation system to complete the look and functionality your executive meeting spaces deserve. Control power, lighting, AV sources and conferencing with an innovative and stylish touchscreen. Wireless presentation products allow for convenience and flexibility in accommodating your executives as well as other visiting dignitaries.

Amazing Meeting Spaces

Room Scheduling

Having an amazing meeting space is irrelevant if you cannot consistently get your team scheduled for it. Since you have taken the time to design and implement great huddle spaces and collaborative conference rooms, then you need a proper room scheduling solution.

Seamless Integration

Your fast-paced work schedule requires a room scheduling solution that can keep up with you. Seamless integration into existing enterprise calendaring systems is a critical component of these systems. We use systems that integrate with your MS Exchange™, Office 365™ and G Suite™ (formerly Google Apps for Work), or other popular calendaring solutions.

Stylish and Smart

You can also add a distinctive touch of style with these integrated touch screens that support and facilitate your room scheduling. Check availability of all rooms on your network from the conveniently located digital devices. Quickly view meeting locations and details to make sure you are at the right place at the right time. Book ad hoc meetings from the room scheduling panel, which will then report back to the calendaring system that the room is no longer available for the duration of your gathering.

Make Efficient Use of Your Space

Another problem with meeting room availability is canceled meetings that are not removed from the calendar. Often, recurring meetings are created, then abandoned for one reason or another. Occupancy sensors allow the room scheduling system to relinquish the space if it is unoccupied for a specified amount of time; even removing recurring meetings from the calendar if a specified number of meetings are dropped.

Crestron Room Scheduling


If you are monitoring enterprise-class business operations such as data centers and other control rooms you need the ability to clearly display data and video. Adding a video wall solution to your monitoring room will give you crystal clear LED and LCD digital displays that can be customized to your available space.


These video wall solutions can also facilitate collaboration for multiple employees in multiple locations. Now you can see real-time data and video feeds from all your critical operations from the convenience of a consolidated view screen. These capabilities are critical to meeting the high demands of large-scale monitoring systems.


Lastly, videowalls can be used as a dramatic focal point for art, company branding or other impressive visual displays.

Offering a wide range of sizes, these displays offer customizable viewing across multiple screens. There are several technologies and resolutions to meet the most demanding visual needs. With slimline installation and flexible mounting options, these video wall AV solutions will deliver superior video quality, durability, and reliability.
Never feel lost again. Documentation is available in addition to a series of video tutorials exclusively for Salient.

Video Walls


Christie offers state of the art videowalls that are integral parts of large-scale monitoring facilities.
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Featuring the narrowest bezels and slimmest installation depths, Planar’s video walls are best-in-class.
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Add a Touch of Digital Style

Digital Signage

Bring your corporate environment into the 21st century with contemporary digital signage solutions that add style and technical capabilities to your office space. We offer a wide variety of solutions that facilitate room scheduling, posting of important information and convenient wayfinding.

You and your guests will no longer have to wander around searching for the right meeting room. Now you can quickly and easily see where you are and what activities are occurring in a given space all clearly displayed on digital signage.
In addition to the signage hardware and installation, we offer complete solutions that allow you to fully customize your own digital signage. You can build, configure and manage your entire digital signage system from one convenient software platform. We have everything you need to give your business the professional upgrade it so richly deserves.

Digital Signage Solutions


Visix provides digital signage with immersive interactive experiences that capture attention and keep your audience interested.

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Simple Signs

Simple Signs offers a platform that is a Digital Signage presentation builder which allows you to build, configure and maintain your complete digital signage solutions.

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Tightrope Carousel

Tightrope Carousel offers visually stunning digital signage solutions that get all eyes on your digital content.

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Brightsign has established themselves as the global market leader in digital signage media players.

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Demanding Mission-Critical Monitoring

Network Operation Center (NOC)

Network Operations Centers are monitoring and supporting the lifeblood of your technical and/or high traffic environment. Having AV solutions that optimize your control center is critical to ensuring safe and secure data center processing and traffic management.

Now you can bring the best that audiovisual solutions have to offer in a complete package that meets all the needs of your high-tech NOC. Whether you need rear projection walls or customizable LED/LCD video walls, we have the right capabilities to provide a complete portfolio of audiovisual solutions.

By combining our audiovisual design group with the wide range of AV solutions available, we can provide NOC facilities capable of handling even the most demanding monitoring requirements. Crystal clear digital displays with customizable viewing areas will bring your critical data to light providing at-a-glance capabilities to ensure smooth NOC operation.

Most NOC Systems are mission-critical facilities that do not tolerate downtime. Our remote monitoring systems allow our technicians to diagnose and solve many AV equipment issues, even before they become a problem. Paired with our advanced preventive maintenance programs, our service programs bring you peace-of-mind when it comes to your AV system.

Barco offers a complete portfolio of visualization solutions for your demanding Network Operations Center.
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Christie video walls are purpose-built for the demanding requirements of control-room environments.
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Ditch Dry-Erase, Go Digital

Training Rooms

Typically, large spaces to accommodate significant groups of people, training rooms have very specific AV requirements to function properly. First, the content must be displayed at a size that everyone from the front to the back of the room can clearly see. Usually, this is accomplished using a projection system that is bright enough for viewing even in high ambient light situations. Occasionally, additional projection and LED Display systems are necessary for everyone to view the presentation clearly. Training rooms often offer confidence monitors for the presenter allowing them to stay engaged with their audience.

Next, audio enhancement is necessary to understand the presenter in every seating area in the room. Often, we equip the speaker podium with a mic. Wireless lavalier mics or pendant mics are also an option for users that like to move around the stage. We engineer the appropriate number and spacing of ceiling speakers for comfortable, audible volume levels throughout the room.

Interactive displays allow students and teachers to work together on presented material. Also, the presenter can electronically distribute notes generated during these discussions to the entire group.

Last, we equip many training rooms with distance learning capabilities. Sessions are offered to remote participants via video conferencing equipment. Top of the line, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras automatically focus on the speaker allowing users to fully engage with the meeting content, not the AV equipment. Two-way communication and collaboration tools allow remote participants to fully engage with the lessons.