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AV Solutions to Communicate and Collaborate

At Unified Technology Systems, we understand that your next meeting, presentation, classroom training or special event is extremely important to you. That is why we strive to produce the ultimate experience for any audience.
Whether it’s video conferencing capabilities, an integrated presentation system for your boardroom, interactive collaboration technology, dynamic digital signage for your lobby, or training for your new system, we are your audiovisual resource. We have established ourselves as a company that remains abreast of the newest, advanced products while providing superior service and support.

Huddle Room
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Video Walls
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Boardroom/Large Conference Room
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Digital Signage
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Audio - Video

Videoconferencing allows you to collaborate face-to-face instantly with employees, customers and vendors, no matter where they are located. Audio conferencing is more than just a speakerphone. Connect multiple parties, using microphones and speakers and sound enhancing features, such as noise cancellation and amplifiers, to have the clarity you would expect from being in the same room.


Edtech attempts to answer an age-old challenge: efficient, seamless, transparent instruction for every learner.

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Training rooms have very specific AV requirements to function properly; from projection to audio enhancement, distance learning to room control. Unified Technology Systems will engineer your training room to fit your needs and your budget.


In critical team negotiations or client presentations, sensitive information could travel into open office spaces. Soundmasking helps “mask” what is being said outside of private spaces, giving everyone involved peace-of-mind pertaining to their confidential conversations.

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(Network Operating Center)
Control Rooms

Control rooms require 100{93baec735fc08a5ca3fd97336a1564ce48291dd551fca532f658987a4879c3a0} uptime reliability and crystal clear information presentation to mission-critical systems. Unified Technology Systems offers you professional products that can withstand the harsh requirements of 24/7 operation. We also provide services to monitor and maintain equipment before a failure can occur.

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Make more efficient use of your valuable real estate using state-of-the-art room scheduling systems. Popular for meeting spaces and employee hotelling, an advanced room scheduling system keeps your office space requirements to a minimum.

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Ideal for impromptu meetings and quick brainstorming sessions

Huddle Rooms

Gone are the days of crowding around a single laptop. Huddle Rooms are meant to work on a BYOD (bring your own device) basis and wireless content sharing is a must.
While Huddle Rooms are less expensive to equip than full-sized conference rooms, planning is key. Learn how Unified Technology Systems engineers the best Huddle Rooms for our clients.

"Huddling Your Team in the Huddle Room"

Great ideas and critical meetings aren’t always planned.


"Propel Your Business Into the Future With Huddle Rooms"

Huddle Rooms help your business keep pace.


Where your meeting space and technology really shine

Large Conference Room

Integrated digital control panels put you in command of room lighting, AV source and destination, audio and video conferencing systems and more.

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