Video Walls

Video walls, or videowalls (the jury is still out on whether it’s one word or two) are a dynamic way to present your message with the “wow-factor” you are looking for. Whether you want to showcase your products to potential clients or you have a command center displaying critical data, video walls provide the high resolution, high impact display you need.

The first decision you will need to make is whether to go with flat panel displays or an LED video wall. Flat panel video walls give you a higher resolution at a lower cost. However, there will be bezels between the displays that give these walls their distinctive grid pattern. LED video walls have the advantage of providing seamless content that is brighter, can be used for indoor signage or outdoor messaging, and has lower power consumption. The trade-off is that LED video walls are generally at a higher price point.

There are many factors to consider in designing a professional video wall with flat panel displays. First, how many displays will your wall require? We refer to these video walls in a column by row format. For example, a video wall with three columns and two rows of displays will be referred to as a “three by two video wall.” Next, consider mounting options. A video wall on a curved surface requires more engineering to install than one on a flat surface. Proper video wall mounting hardware will allow minute adjustments on the x, y, and z-axis to perfectly align the displays. Video wall mounting hardware will also allow access to individual displays for maintenance.

There are two different content factors to consider with a video wall installation. The primary content option involves whether to handle it with a video wall processor, a media server appliance, individual inputs, or using video wall processing embedded into the displays. The second content consideration is color calibration. Colors that are consistent across the entire video wall help the viewer perceive the imagery as a whole rather than as individual pieces.

Unified Technology Systems has installed video walls for companies of all sizes across the country. It takes experience and expertise to design, implement and support a professional video wall. Get started today by completing a brief survey about your project or calling any of our offices. We look forward to working with you on your video wall project.